Happy Birthday, Eamon!!

Today is Eamon’s 14th birthday!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST SON IN THE WORLD!!  We’re having a birthday pie instead of cake and dinner will be pizza.  I asked him if he wanted to invite a few friends to Moca but he declined.  We’ll have a fun evening just the two of us!  He’s getting a new microphone for his computer, but it hasn’t come yet.  The presents from his Nana and Grandpa haven’t arrived either.  Eamon is (unhappily) accustomed to the mail system and Club Correo, so he knows the packages will show up eventually.  Javier will make a post office run today just in case anything is there.

I am SO HAPPY to announce that Eamon has FINALLY gotten into a Harry Potter state of mind!  Hurray!  Our internet has been beyond terrible so he has been forced to watch TV with mom.  After his first movie, he was hooked!  We’re having an evening with Harry tonight!  Javier has been to Puntonet a number of times.  They appear to have problems with many customers and promised to credit our bill for the many days with HORRIBLE internet.  Maybe today – it would be a nice gift to Eamon!

Two of the casitas have been painted inside!  Mercy chose a cream color with a bold red accent wall.  It looks really nice.  Javier wanted blue.  Oh, my.  The accent wall is a BRIGHT, HURT YOUR EYES BLUE.  The accent wall is a lighter grayish blue.  He asked me what I thought of the color after he saw me take several steps back and shield my eyes.  I told him that if he and Mercy (mom) liked it then I was okay.  I also said I don’t have to live there (thank heavens).  I recommended changing the light blue to a less gray tone but he didn’t seem too interested.  We went to the paint store Saturday to look for my room and the exterior of the casitas.  I will be going for my signature lime green inside.  The exterior will be a dark-ish blue and the roof will be red to match the other two buildings.  Progress is really happening – very exciting!

Then we have the garage door.  At least it’s up and working, which is wonderful.  I chose red to go with the green wall surrounding the place.  Not a good choice.  It just doesn’t have that festive holiday feel I was going for!  There is a design in the metal with little squares so I may try painting them a different color.  Javier and the workers think it looks awesome!  Hideous is a better description…

I wanted to remind everyone that MOCA IS STILL FOR SALE!  STILL FOR SALE!!  STILL FOR SALE!

I’ve started my blog for the dog refuge!  I did my first post last week!  It’s still a work in progress, but a very good start.  If interested, check out dogrefuge.wordpress.com.  I’m really hoping that our internet improves so I can do more work and add a photo section showing all of the kids at the quinta.  I have SO much to do, but it’s a beginning…



Acerca de cuencamom

Trish and her amazing 14 year old son have settled into life in Cuenca. Trish started rescuing unwanted dogs, which has evolved into a dog rescue center - Refugio Del Mejor Amigo. This blog will chronicle their latest adventure in Cuenca - WOOF!
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