Door Guy Lost and Other Minor Complaints

Javier has been trying to reach the maestro who is making all of the doors and windows for the casitas and main house at Quinta Lily.  He called Juan Fernando, our architect, who was able to get a hold of the maestro.  Apparently he is having problems with some financial institution and they have swooped in and taken all of his tools and supplies.  Translation –  he can’t work right now.  Sigh.  He (allegedly) promised Juan Fernando that he’ll return my cash.  A face to face discussion is happening as I write.  No idea when the swooping happened or if the swoop (or is it sweep?) included windows and doors for Quinta Lily.  Stay tuned.

Santana (Eamon’s school) changed how tuition is paid this year.  Every family is (theoretically) getting a Diner’s Club account with a virtual credit card.  Monthly payments are then (theoretically) made to Diner’s Club.  They made this change because some families are not good at making tuition payments.  So now Santana has all of the tuition from every family in their bank account.  Hurray for them!!

I have been trying to get the Diner’s Club code since August.  I need to pay September and October tuition!  After repeated emails, the school finally sent me the number, along with where and how to make a payment.  Surprise, surprise – THE CODE DOESN’T WORK!!  I emailed the school AGAIN – no reply so far.  I guess I’ll have to drive up to the office and beg for help…stay tuned.

I’m reducing the price on Moca.  If interested, please let me know.  

Progress continues on the casitas and main house.  Last week we bought paint for the inside of my casita, the roof and the exterior of the building.  The plumbing is moving along and the electrician is doing his thing.


We decided on a deep, rich blue which should go well with a red roof.  We’re waiting for a forecast of no rain for a number of days before painting.

My last minor complaint of the day is Etapa.  I HATE ETAPA.  A few weeks ago Luis got a notice that the name on the account had to be changed or they would shut off the water.  My attorney’s office graciously agreed to handle the paperwork since they know how much I hate Etapa.  I promptly forgot about it.  One day last week the water was cut off at the quinta!!  How could this have happened?  After speaking with the person who was in charge of the change, he informed me that I needed to go in person.  UGH!!  I HATE ETAPA!!

We went by his office and picked up a huge bundle of papers.  He assured me that everything I needed was in the stack.  Off we went.  We DIDN’T have one paper, which of course was required.  I called my person, who talked to the Etapa lady.  He was hopping into his car to bring the REQUIRED document to Etapa.  Sigh.

I moved away from the lady’s desk and sat in a chair as far away as possible.  Twenty minutes or so later, the REQUIRED document was delivered.  Another twenty minutes later, I was able to sign the papers and the name on the accounts for both quintas was changed.  We have the papers to prove it!  Luis is still waiting for the water to come back on.  I HATE ETAPA.

I should end on a positive note – the Red Socks won last night!  Hurray!!  I added some photos to the dog refuge blog.  Check them out at


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Trish and her amazing 14 year old son have settled into life in Cuenca. Trish started rescuing unwanted dogs, which has evolved into a dog rescue center - Refugio Del Mejor Amigo. This blog will chronicle their latest adventure in Cuenca - WOOF!
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