On A Positive Note – Small Successes!

As I was reviewing my previous post, I was struck by the ‘pity party’ tone.  Very  uncharacteristic for me!  Today I am happy to share successes big and small….

The door guy remains LOST.  The metal garage door maestro has joined in our pursuit.  The door guy owes him more cash – not a surprise.  Javier, Juan Fernando and the maestro are making daily calls, without success.  I have suggested we ‘post a scout’ who can call EVERYONE should the door guy appear.  While there is general support (and head nodding) for this idea, the scout has not yet been posted.  Success (sort of) – I have stopped worrying, for the moment!

On the Diner’s Club tuition front, I called their customer service number and was able to explain my tuition payment dilemma.  He gave me another code that Javier took to the bank.  Success!!  Tuition Paid!!

Much painting, tile work and electrical wire installation has been happening at the quinta:

Blue Casitas!

Blue Casitas!

At first glance, the blue seemed a wee bit bright, but after a few minutes I really liked it.  Sonu thought it was cool and funky – like me!

Christmas All Year Long!

Christmas All Year Long!

The new garage door and wall!  Success – we can celebrate Christmas all year long!  I still think I should paint the little squares and door detail to reduce the freak factor.  Golden Retriever Olenka – background; Boxed Sebastian – foreground.  The colors hurt his eyes…

Mercy Likes Red!

Mercy Likes Red!

Mercy is going with dramatic red!  I’m not a big fan of the contrast color (Marfil?) but I don’t have to live there.  Even the bathroom is red:

Happy Tile!

Happy Tile!

Javier and Mercy will be living ‘bold and blue’!

quinta lily photos oct 2013 030

Now we come to my casita.  My bedroom at the river house is a happy, bright lime green which I want to duplicate at the quinta:

A Bit Too Bold, Even For Me!

A Bit Too Bold, Even For Me!

Sigh.  This wall made my eyes water and I could feel a headache coming on.  Javier is going to tone it down before we paint the downstairs….an almost success!  Javier can fix anything!

Success!  I have found our ‘in city’, ‘during the week’ abode.  Eamon and I will be moving into a cute apartment in the same building as Moca!  It has a glass covered patio so a couple of my tiny dogs can live with us!  The building is secure with a 24 hour guard – hugely reassuring to Eamon.  Once we are settled, work can begin to get the house on the market.  Javier and Mercy will be living on site for painting, cleaning, sorting, purging –  and taking care of the other four legged family members.  They are too small to move to the quinta without their people, doors and windows.

Apartment photos coming soon!


Ciao, ciao, pity party!!


Acerca de cuencamom

Trish and her amazing 14 year old son have settled into life in Cuenca. Trish started rescuing unwanted dogs, which has evolved into a dog rescue center - Refugio Del Mejor Amigo. This blog will chronicle their latest adventure in Cuenca - WOOF!
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Una respuesta a On A Positive Note – Small Successes!

  1. Congratulations on finding your ‘in town’ apartment, and so close to Moca, that is great! So happy for you.


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