It’s February Already

Too much time has passed since my last post and LOTS of things are happening!!  Where to begin…

We are moved in and settled in the apartment behind Moca.  MOST of the things in the apartment are from Seattle, so Eamon seems satisfied.  He is riding the same bus to school that he did from the house.  I like the convenience of being so close to Moca, and I’ve started making crockpot soups for ‘Wednesday Soup Day’.  The soups are a big hit and always sell out – hurray!

We went to Vilcabamba for Christmas week.  It’s very beautiful and warm, but MANY, MANY bugs.  I went into town and bought several kinds of lotions to try and ease the itching.  None of them seemed to work very well.  One afternoon Eamon counted 41 bites on my left leg, how special.

View from our front patio


This is a shot as we were heading down the path to breakfast one morning.  Really breathtaking.  I have heard from a couple of wise ‘previous visitors’ to Vilcabamba that if we get a vitamin B-12 shot before we go that the bugs will leave us alone.  We really didn’t do much except hang out on our balcony (like a treehouse).  Eamon showed me how to play Minecraft, I played games and read books on my Kindle.  We both enjoyed all the time we had together!  What a lucky mom I am!


Christmas breakfast on the patio in Vilcabamba.

December was also the month that the non-profit, Refugio Del Mejor Amigo, was officially created in the U.S.!  With this in place, we will be able to try and raise funds to support the more than 100 dogs I have at the quinta.  All donations will be TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  My refuge blog – is growing and I managed to add a PayPal link to it all by myself!  I was so proud!  We also have a page on Facebook – Refugio Del Mejor Amigo and our followers are growing.

My two dear friends Sarah and Lynda are helping me generate publicity and awareness for the refuge – I am so lucky to have both of them on our side!  Multiple heads are always better than one and our ideas and plans are taking shape and growing.  Javier has talked with some of the meat sellers at Feria Libre and they are holding onto their extra ‘throw away’ bones for us everyday.  We collect them and take them to the quinta.  This routine is similar to dumpster diving, but they are FREE and the dogs LOVE them!!

Work continues on the casitas a little at a time.  I have to really focus on fund raising because monthly costs are high.  The goal is to get Javier, Mercy (mom) and Mercy (daughter) moved in and living in their casitas by the end of February.  Then we can turn our attention to getting the house up for sale.  As always, things take longer and cost more than you plan.  Oh, well, that’s life in Ecuador…


Acerca de cuencamom

Trish and her amazing 14 year old son have settled into life in Cuenca. Trish started rescuing unwanted dogs, which has evolved into a dog rescue center - Refugio Del Mejor Amigo. This blog will chronicle their latest adventure in Cuenca - WOOF!
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Una respuesta a It’s February Already

  1. Gwen Whipple dijo:

    I have to say Trish your routine is very different than mine. Today we are waiting for our cleaning ladies (every other Wed.) and will go to the eye surgeon and hopefully be released and the endless drops will cease. I am getting better at putting in the drops but would love to drop this from the routine. Not going to town for the parade but will watch the taped version when we get back from Dr. I would love to be sitting in a window seat at the Starbucks at 4th & Cherry sipping a mocha but alas so would everyone else. I will post pictures of my quilt at the quilt show on Vashon Island.


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